Stellar Skoda

Establishing Stellar Skoda’s social presence with a well planned strategy. 

  • Client

    Stellar Skoda

  • Technology

    Instagram, Facebook, Google

  • Services

    Branding (Logo, Tagline, Brand Guideline, Stationery), Print Collaterals (Corporate Profile, Brochures, Flyer Event Branding, Outdoor Branding) Performance Marketing, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing

The Challenge

Stellar Skoda was successfully running its business with proper flow of funds and a thorough customer base. But, as brands were moving towards a new era of digitalisation, the brand needed to make a position in the growing trend. They lacked the digital knowledge and were not able to connect and engage with the customers present online. 

They faced a major challenge in establishing a market online and targeting the consumers through digital ads. The lack of digital presence created a hindrance in proving the expertise and standing out against the competitors. Their team wanted us to create a strong digital presence that could match the international Skoda standards and build the credibility of the brand. 

The Approach

Through proper meetings and planning, we understood the requirements of the brand and started working on creating its brand presence online from scratch. From designing their logo to generating ads, we used a trending approach to create a unique brand presence. 

– The first step was to design the logo and website which portrays the brand’s identity and would be used for brand recall. 

– We focused on building up their social media presence with smart and minimalist posts which stood out from other brands and helped them create a distinguished identity. 

– Establishing their brand and creating social media awareness, we pushed digital ads to the right audience and areas that would boost their business sales. 

– At every step, we talked to their team and worked aggressively in marketing it at every platform and every channel. 

– We organized and planned their offline activities which helped in stronger brand establishment. 

We adopted a 360 degree marketing plan which could enforce and afford their brand effective performance and create a successful digital presence. 

Designs that talk about the brand in a different and interesting way, we curated hoardings and social media creatives which grabbed the audience’s attention. 

Playing with Hinglish words and bollywood dialogues to create a lasting impression on the audience.


The first step towards a strong branding is the brand’s logo which reflects its persona and mission. We created a logo that can stand out and meet the global standards. Their offline activities were branded with designs that attracted the customers and made them feel connected to the feeling of Skoda.

Social Media

We worked towards a well-strategised and effective social media marketing plan that boosted Stellar Skoda’s brand presence and created a strong statement in the automobile industry. We helped them attain their goal and create an online presence with proper execution and implemented an effective strategy that successfully worked in the market and matched the ever-changing market trends.

Performance Marketing


Increase in Qualified Leads 

36.3 M

Total Impressions in a span of 6 Months


Car Sales in March’22

  • 4500+ Test Drive Leads through Ad Campaigns in a span of 6 Months
  • 200% Increase in Qualified Leads
  • 36.3 M Total Impressions in a span of 6 Months
  • 454 Car Sales in March’22 – Highest in PAN India
  • 44% Decrease in Cost per Leads in a span of 9 Months

Dealership Promotion to conquer new competition : “Think Škoda, Think Stellar”

Print Collaterals

Various leaflets and newspaper ads were a part of our marketing strategy. These were designed with creative content and eye-catching designs that translated the brand’s mission and targeted the right audience.

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