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Empowered by Performance.

We are NPS! A rapidly growing full-funnel creative and performance digital agency based out of Ahmedabad. We are a team that is high on creativity and big at heart! Our workspace is open, amicable, and inclusive, where creative geniuses find their space of exploration and meet the sweet spot of creativity and pragmatism. Our company culture is embedded with mutual respect, acceptance, healthy competition, and performance-led dedication at all levels. It is through these attributes that our team finds inspiration and feels empowered!

Over the course of 13 years of engaging with multiple clients and brands, we have had the pleasure of getting inspired by each one of them. And while we are at it, we have exhilarating fun by engaging with the people, getting to know their dreams, and being a part of their vision.

We intend to continue to grow with our constant dedication, efficiency, and commitment to offer top-notch results to all our clients, because we understand brands & value them like no other.

Why we exist?

We strongly believe in the power that a brand holds, and that it is always the people associated with the brand who make it what it is. We are constantly eager to know the dynamic ideas and vision that you hold for your brand. But growth happens only when you chart the right path. And that’s why we are here. To show you the right path. To build businesses and brands the right way.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy lies in the belief that one’s authentic self and traditional legacy give birth to true creativity. Who you are, where you come from, and what your beliefs and traditions are, make up the core of your ideas. And through our constant striving, we have been able to build a team that is so diversely creative that makes NPS the hub of original content creation in modern marketing and branding.

The Founders

Our journey began 13 years ago with just our founders, Sumeet and Rahul onboard. They began with taking branding and animation projects for real estate, while gradually learning through it all. What you see today as NPS, a full-fledged agency equipped with experts in diverse fields, serving multifaceted projects of diverse brands, is the result of unwavering dedication and commitment, as well as an eagerness to learn and grow. The journey was not an easy one, but they gradually achieved every milestone and conquered the hurdles with trust, determination, and team spirit. Their work spoke for them and their dream attained a turning point with their entry into the wider realm of movie poster designing and several other creative endeavors. Soon they dived into the world of social media and digital marketing, hired graphic designers for their expanded work. They themselves kept learning and exploring whilst taking the company forward. Today, NPS is a proud digital & creative agency with some of the best & most diverse range of brands onboard. While this is not the final destination for NPS, the founders keep on learning, exploring, and growing each day, to make the journey more beautiful than the destination!

Sumeet Meena

Founder - Director

Being a true visionary and an inspiring mentor, he offers valuable creative insights that continue motivating the team to push their boundaries. Sumeet’s passion for continuous learning motivates him to bring new ideas to the company’s vision. His quick wit and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously make him a multi-faceted professional who is also a leader with a fundamental belief in mutual growth. He strongly believes in the power of togetherness and is always inclined toward finding and building strength with the support of one another. To him, his workspace is a second home, and the team is an extended family. Sumeet loves reading and is a huge fitness and environmental enthusiast. He is highly passionate about environmental conservation, and nature is where he finds his creative inspiration. It is no exaggeration to say that his hardwork, dedication, and innovative fervour come from his simplistic beliefs and high thinking that are rooted in his culture.
Rahul Kanala

Founder - Director

Hailing from a Gujarati business family, one thing that Rahul knew well was the “how to” of business. Instead of taking the easier path of joining the family business, he put his knowledge into developing his own company. Having learned animation designing, Rahul found his niche in co-founding a creative digital marketing agency. With his strong willpower and top-notch practical skills, he offers the company the vital attributes of effective management, communication, and analysis for its full-fledged growth. He is a solutions-driven professional who ensures that results of utmost quality are achieved for every client. Rahul strongly believes in creating a work environment that uplifts and motivates all to explore their best potential. He is a leader who thrives by taking everyone forward with invaluable opportunities and optimum utilization of human resources. Rahul is an adventurer and fitness enthusiast who loves trekking, biking, and other outdoor sports.

The Team


Executive Director

Hiren Dangar

IT Director

Kiran Pandya

Brand Design Head


Films Design Head


HR Manager

Kanahiya Salecha
Kanahiya Salecha

Digital Marketing Executive




Client Servicing Executive

Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma

Social Media Executive

Karnik Mehta

Website Developer


Client Servicing Executive


Graphic Designer

Niki Shah

Graphic Designer


Content Creator


Video Editor

Kuldeep Patel
Kuldeep Patel

Client Servicing Executive




Digital Marketing Executive

Deep Darji
Deep Darji

Video Editor


Graphic Designer


Motion Graphics and Video Editor


Graphic Designer


Social Media Executive


Graphic Designer


Client Servicing Executive


Social Media intern


Web Intern


Web Intern


Office Supervisor

The Culture

Through our culture we shape a remarkable future by nurturing a tribe that thrives.

To us, this means creating a better future for our team and clients by being a people-first organisation that grows and celebrates together.

The Clientele

Our clients are our reason for being. We are a trusted, long-term partner to many clients, from start-ups to large businesses. 

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