June 3, 2019


Crafting a modern marketing theme for a 1965 originated premier educational institute. 

  • Client

    International Institute of Gemology

  • Technology

    Facebook, Instagram, Google

  • Services

    Branding (Corporate Profile), Print Collaterals (Course Brochures, Magazine Ads, Stall Branding, Flyers), Social Media Management, Website Design

The Challenge

When the International Institute of Gemology (IIG) came to us with an expectation of transforming their social media handles, they already had a digital presence but they were looking to have elaborated and well ordered posts. 

Being one of the best institutes of gemology situated in Mumbai, they wanted to do a total revamp of their social media in consideration with the present content. After the onboarding process, they expanded their institute in different cities which were Surat, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru. 

Through different marketing channels we started marketing for them. They also used to take part in most jewellery exhibitions taking place in the country. Our most acute challenge was to curate content for all their social media channels that could communicate the right message to the audience. Being almost a well established brand in the market our entire team faced multiple challenges to set a presentable language.

One of the key requirements of the new site – aside from the need to provide current and prospective fund members with a cutting edge user experience – was to allow NGS’s digital team to be far more self sufficient in maintaining the site. This had been a significant shortcoming of the pre-existing site, as much of it was hard coded, which could result in turnaround times of more than two weeks to make basic edits to an on-site form.


The Approach

We followed a simple yet a constructive approach for their social media. By studying the previous marketing format we analyzed the process. After studying and researching about their segment of work, our team of experienced marketing professionals laid out various strategies for social media.

– We started working on their different social media channels with a motive to create content which can easily convey a direct message to the audience. 

– Through different channels, we were able to take a chance to educate people about the institute through an all new perspective. 

– We curated multiple strategies to have a uniform pattern of publishing the information. 

– We also used to arrange the print collateral, standees, banners and all the designs they needed during their branding process.  

– Our consistent approach of post scheduling and some practices of ads helped them acquire ample brand awareness.  

 – We also helped them in developing accurate plans for their jewellery exhibitions. 

Live reporting brought a new dimension of insights for Erstwilder—something they weren’t used to. Being able to see everything in one dashboard meant they didn’t have to look between various sources; all of the information was at hand for them.

Implementing marketing strategies via campaigns for the effective communication of their service made us achieve the desired goal towards their digital presence.

The Outcome

Regular updates and our active approach towards new market trends for International Institute of Gemology (IIG) helped us in attracting the best audience for them. Similarly, we were also able to convey a clear message to the people and educate them accordingly. 


Coming up with the latest strategies, we helped IIG to acquire a whole new branding solution for their existing problem. With our consistent approach they were able to attain the perfect outcome for their brand.

Stationary design

Website Design

  • We built a website that leaves a lasting impression and results in the conversion of sales.
  • IIG website was designed with minimal elements that talked about the brand’s mission and focus along with providing a good user experience.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Revamping their social media page with minimalistic designs and quirky content that enhances the page look along with building their brand presence on social platforms. We had an innovative social marketing strategy planned for them which included trending posts, constant updates and regular engagement.

Print Collaterals

We also partnered with them for their different print requirements for their exhibitions across the country. Through standees, banners and all the designs required for their stalls, we helped them create an offline impact.

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