Hathi Masala

Curating a master plan to achieve engagement for Hathi Masala, a leading spice brand in India. 

  • Client

    Hathi Masala

  • Technology

    Facebook, Instagram, Google

  • Services

    Print Collaterals (Outdoor Branding | Hoardings), Performance Marketing, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing

The Challenge

Maintaining a regular social media activity is important for stable metrics and growth on online platforms. Hathi Masala was not able to practice regular updating on its platform and was facing a challenge in growing their digital platform. They needed a cost effective marketing program with thorough planning and regular updates.
The major challenge was to grow a page which was different in market and needed a new communication to reach the same audience. 

Hathi Masala wanted to grow their digital and social platform with aggressive marketing and latest innovations but due to lack of the right resource they lagged behind. Due to the low knowledge of social media trends, they weren’t able to make a distinctive position in the online market.

The Approach

A brand like Hathi Masala needs a quirky and innovative approach which can attract the audience and make it stand out in the industry.

– Our approach was to map out a social media plan which includes regular posting, engagement posts and updating the channels with creatives. 

– We planned a 360-degree marketing plan which involved Influencer marketing that was unique to the brand and had great results. 

– We designed hoardings which became the talk of the town and helped in establishing brand credibility. 

– Contests and giveaways were a major part of our marketing campaigns to maintain the page’s engagement and interaction with followers. 

Our constant focus was to keep the social game on point along with constant interactions and engagement.

Designs that talk about the brand in a different and interesting way, we curated hoardings and social media creatives which grabbed the audience’s attention. 

Playing with Hinglish words and Bollywood dialogues to create a lasting impression on the audience.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Driven with a social media marketing campaign which focused on revamping the spice brand’s digital presence with innovative techniques. Playing with Hinglish words and bollywood dialogues on our social media to create a lasting impression on the audience as well as generate constant engagement. 

Performance Marketing


Impressions through Facebook & Instagram Ads


Impressions thorugh Google Display & Video Ads


Overall Clicks

  • +150M Impressions in 2 Months through Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • +100M Impressions in 2 Months through Google Display and Video Ads
  • + 850K Overall Clicks
  • During this campaign, the ads were displayed to target audience and custom audience with 5-7 frequency per user
  • With the brand awareness and reach objective, ads resulted to magnificent spark in offline stores footfalls

Print Collaterals

Designs that talk about the brand in a different and interesting way, we curated hoardings and social media creatives that grabbed the audience’s attention. The print collateral portrayed the language and persona of the brand.

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