June 3, 2019


Developing brand identity for a newly started thick shake brand   

  • Client

    The Shake Maker

  • Technology

    Facebook, Instagram

  • Services

    Branding, Print Collaterals, Social Media Management

The Challenge

In this competitive era of dynamically changing market demands there were multiple challenges when we started working for The Shake Maker (TSM). So, when TSM was looking for their growth digitally they came across different prospects. There were many competitive cafes and some big brands that were already well-established. Standing out from the crowd for a new thick shake brand was tough for the start. 

They wanted to establish their brand in Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra. TSM was one-of-its-kind only thick shakes brand offering numerous varieties of thick shakes made through unique procedures. Through this approach they were able to establish 26 different outlets. The brand wanted to establish its strong presence pan India in a span of 2-3 years. Being a new brand, it was a challenge to establish the brand from scratch over a wide range of market, both online and offline.

One of the key requirements of the new site – aside from the need to provide current and prospective fund members with a cutting edge user experience – was to allow NGS’s digital team to be far more self sufficient in maintaining the site. This had been a significant shortcoming of the pre-existing site, as much of it was hard coded, which could result in turnaround times of more than two weeks to make basic edits to an on-site form.


The Approach

Our entire team worked on different sorts of marketing plans and curated the best strategies for the brand. From preparing for the campaigns to monthly printables, we helped them successfully build a brand identity in the rapidly growing market.

Being a newly started thick shake brand, after several meetings with the client we were able to understand their branding goals.

– Through deep study, we started working on their social media with sharp and quirky post options through which we got mind blowing responses from the viewers. 

– By creating trending social media advertisement campaigns, we were able to focus on the most suitable and targeted audience for them.

– While coordinating with the whole team we were able to implement social media strategies based on the latest social media trends.

– We designed and planned monthly printables for all their 26 outlets across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

We managed and optimized their LinkedIn page for a better and strong brand image. Pursuing different marketing strategies for them made us understand the particular ways through which we could establish a perfect plan to increase their growth and awareness digitally. 

The Outcome

After months of consistency, TSM was able to accomplish their desired goal through our marketing strategies. Not only through our online marketing campaigns but also through our mind blowing plan executions for their offline advertisements they gained a lot of publicity and a huge demand for their newly launched thick shakes. 


For the entire branding process, we conducted various digital campaigns at different stages of marketing. From planning to execution we helped the brand build their presence so that they can stand out from the crowd. We strategised several awareness campaigns to establish brand awareness and identity.

Stationary design

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Our team of social media experts laid down various strategies for their growth across different social media platforms. We collaborated with various influencers for their  product marketing campaigns. We helped them design an appropriate monthly calendar for consistent and impactful digital presence.

Print Collaterals

After we got onboard, they gradually expanded their outlets in different parts of the country, and we provided them with all the print collateral as and when needed. For various additions in their vast menu regularly managed banners and pamphlets for their outlets.

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