North Star Automotive

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    Instagram, Facebook, Shopify, Figma

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    Website Development, Social Media Management, Performance Marketing, Influencer Marketing

Open Project

The Challenge

To establish a strong online presence for the brand North Star Auutmotive on the internet, the vision of the brand was to inevitably create an online store which sells premium motorcycle gears and accessories from the brand Ducati, Dainese, Akrapovic & AGV.

The main challenge was to show the authenticity of the brand and how we can win the trust of the customers so that they can seemlessly go through the website and make the purchase as theaverage order value of is also a bit higher than usual.

With over 1000+ SKUs to manage and cater to the end users the challenge was also to make sure we reach to the right audience and make them aware about the brand.


The Approach

We initiated our engagement with this brand through a straightforward method coupled with unconventional approaches. Our marketing strategies primarily centered around building brand awareness and comprehending both the market and the target audience.

1. With an effective set of awareness campaign we started to create awareness online for the brand

2. We started leveraging social media to create a strong presence over the social media platforms to create an awareness and bring traffic on the web organically as well

3. We rolled out an advertising strategy that was flexible and adaptable to each of their new range launches

4. We implemented social media campaigns based on the events like Moto GP in which we were able to successfully run a contest and generate good amount of entries for the contest resultig in a successful campiagn


Our reliable methodology of marketing in different languages, assisted them with securing their target. With our 360 degree marketing schemes we helped them gain a nationwide awareness.


Website Design

  • From creating an effective design wireframe to showcase the design to the client along with the look and feel 
  • To implement the designed layout to the live shopify platform and make a user friendly mobile responsive layout 
  • To integrate the payment method functionalities and shippig partners api’s to the website 
  • Keeping the user checkout journey as simple as possible to establish user’s trust and make sure 

Social Media

Crafting compelling narratives and fostering community engagement through dynamic online platforms, I specialize in leveraging the power of social media to elevate brand presence and tell impactful stories.

Dainese Riding Gloves
Dainese nugello rr d-air perf
Dainese Boots
Dainese Super Speed 3
Dainese Leather Suit
Akrapovic Exhaust

Performance Marketing


People Reached


Impressions Made


Sales Recieved

Consistent efforts and practices by our marketing team led to the growth of Easy Pay in the local market and developed a trust in people. Through our approach we were able to accomplish the desired goal.

  • From Zero to 569,872 acconts reached in less than 3 months
  • We implemented paid campaigns on Moto GP event in which we were able to successfully run a contest and generate 300+ entries under a week
  • 851,431 Impressions achieved 
  • 6.5% ROAS achieved
  • Rs. 131000 sales recieved under a month 

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